June 26, 2024

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iPhone Owners Report Latest iOS Update Brings Back ‘Exciting’ Deleted Photos – iPhone

iPhone Owners Report Latest iOS Update Brings Back ‘Exciting’ Deleted Photos – iPhone

People participating in iOS beta testing also reported the return of old photos.

Apple appears to be facing one Error that recovers data Which iPhone owners thought was definitely a thing of the past. According to some iPhone owners, after updating their phone software to iOS 17.5, their deleted photos — some of which are very old — are reappearing, according to a Reddit thread first spotted by MacRumors.

The issue appears to have been discovered after the update made available on Monday. iOS offers users the ability to recover deleted photos, but once the 30-day period has passed, the material is supposed to be permanently removed. The user who started the thread claims that some “sexy” photos that were deleted “years ago” have returned to the mobile phone. Another user reported that photos taken in 2016 appeared as new material, even though he felt he had not deleted them.

The explanation could be more innocent than one might infer from the above description. The data is not actually “deleted” until it is replaced by new 1s and 0s, and operating systems simply terminate references to it. One user reported seeing a photo come back even though their phone isn’t synced or using iCloud, suggesting the photos can be recovered from where they’re stored on the device. Apple did not immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that this issue is not limited to photos, as one user reported in his post on X that after updating to the new version of the operating system, he saw the old recorded messages returning:

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At the same time, several people involved in beta testing of the new iPhone operating system reported similar problems with previous beta versions of iOS 17. The problem that arose either means that Apple is keeping, without updating, old deleted data, or it is simply There are fluctuations in how iOS 17.5 manages that data, and it’s far from ideal.

No one wants to see old nude photos they thought they deleted come back. So, the tech giant must clarify the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

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