April 13, 2024

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iPhone SE 4 will be a big upgrade – specs leaked

iPhone SE 4 will be a big upgrade – specs leaked

Beyond brand new smart phones Ha iPhone 15 series, h apple It also seems to be preparing a new generation of the most affordable series, namely iPhone SE.

Currently, the latest model in the series, iPhone SE 3, is left behind in terms of design, as it is based on iPhone 8, for example remains central Home button Instead of a screen that covers the entire interface of the device. almost budget The proposal of the American giant seems to be changing radically, according to the latest rumors.

Going into details, acquaintance dropout Unknown 21 revealed to X (former Twitter) Some new details about its technical features. According to him: the iPhone SE 4 will radically change the appearancesince It will depend on iPhone 14. At the same time, he will leave him in the past Connection ID To unlock by action Use face id who have been using them for years smart phones company. For cameras, again there will be no multi-lens and sensor system, however Only one in the back. Finally, oh dropout revealed that it would be used for charging USBc doorwhile the device will also contain the brand new Programmable an act button which will be present in the latest iPhone 15.

Earlier he heard that apple may include Connection ID In the Power buttonbut it seems that something like this will not be necessary in the end, since the device will host on its front side the sensors necessary to operate it face id. How much or not this will raise costs remains to be seen.

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At the moment, there is no new information about the final price or release date of the device. However, the latest information that spread on the Internet spoke of the arrival of stores 2025maybe before iPhone 16.

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