June 13, 2024

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iPhone: There is a reason why the battery gets low after every update

iPhone: There is a reason why the battery gets low after every update

Almost every time apple An updated version has been released iOSusers immediately complain about battery life From their devices that suddenly seem to be noticeably worse. Exactly the same thing happened after the latest iOS 16.5 version that hit iPhones about twenty four hours ago. In particular, the upgrade was targeted by several users who realized their battery wasn’t lasting as long as it used to and were quick to point out the issue to Apple Support on social media.

So what happens to the battery on iPhones after iOS 16.5? Is there a common theme?

The answer is complicated, because…It depends! In a rare statement, Apple talked about this happening shortly after iOS 15.4 last year. Then the company confirmed it In fact, the battery drains faster after updates, but there is a reason.

No, Apple isn’t intentionally undermining it (anymore), as it turns out it did with the massive “Batterygate” scandal that ended up in court. On the contrary, as explained by the company, this phenomenon is due to the different background functions that the operating system performs after each update. especially, Some special operations are one-time operations From optimizing your saved files to running new machine learning algorithms in your photo library to keep your device fast and efficient. All of these things eat up the battery right after the upgrade until it’s done.

In addition, battery management is not an easy thing for smartphones to do Complex algorithms that require a few charge and discharge cycles to find their rhythm againafter the fresh start imposed by the update.

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Below you can find the relevant post, in which the tech giant claims this Faster battery drain after updates usually resolves within 48 hours.

So let’s go back to iOS 16.5. Is your device facing a problem after upgrading? If you just updated your iPhone and notice that the battery is not lasting very long, don’t panic. Continue to use it as you normally would for a few days. Then, if your battery continues to drain faster after at least 48 hours, it may be a good time to contact Apple Support, as there may already be a problem.

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