April 18, 2024

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iPhone User Complaints: New Software Update Hurts Battery Life

iPhone User Complaints: New Software Update Hurts Battery Life

iPhone users have been highly critical of Apple recently, saying that the company’s latest update has a bug that quickly drains a cell phone’s battery life.

Twitter has been flooded with complaints in recent days as users claim that the latest iOS 16.4.1(a) update has reduced the ability of their devices to hold a charge.

One social media user claimed his iPhone’s battery dropped to 22% in just 46 minutes, while another said he lost 30% of his battery in half an hour.

Twitter is full of complaints from iPhone users

Now, some users are considering giving up their iPhones altogether, as reports suggest that the devices are also facing overheating issues.

“Bro this latest IOS update is killing my battery,” one Twitter user wrote.

β€œI’ve lost 30% in the last 30 minutes just by playing Spotify and looking at Twitter for 5 minutes. You might have to give up your iPhone 6 after all this time,” noted another.

β€œIt takes several hours to charge,” wrote another.

Apple invites users with iPhone problems to private discussions on Twitter

iOS 16.4.1(a) was suddenly released by Apple last week in an effort to fix security issues.

However, a Twitter user claimed that there is a known issue with these latest updates, whereby devices overheat and experience “extreme battery drain”.

After recent complaints about battery life, Apple Support appeared to invite some affected users into private discussions on Twitter.

Although Apple has not commented on these issues, some problems that users experience may be completely normal after software updates like these.

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The tech giant explains that iPhone capacity decreases as the battery chemically ages, which can lead to fewer hours of use and worse performance between charges.

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