July 22, 2024

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Iran attacks Israel: What Biden told Netanyahu

Iran attacks Israel: What Biden told Netanyahu

The entire planet is eagerly awaiting developments in the Middle East. In the wake of the Iranian attack on Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli war council are expected to decide whether to retaliate against Iran or choose to calm the situation.

Joe Biden has already spoken with Netanyahu on the phone and conveyed the US's unquestioned support for Israel. This is also what was stated in the official White House statement regarding the call between Biden and Netanyahu.

What did the two leaders discuss?

According to With Axios publicationBiden was clear during the 25-minute conversation with Netanyahu that the United States would not support any Israeli counterattack against Iran. A senior White House official told Axios on condition of anonymity.

Joe Biden and senior White House advisers worry that Israeli retaliation will lead to general conflict in the Middle East and drag the United States into a disastrous war.

During the conversation, Biden reportedly pointed out to Netanyahu the contribution of the US Armed Forces in intercepting 99% of the 330 drones and missiles and how the joint defense efforts of Israel, the US and other countries in the region led to the failure of the project. Iranian attack.

“You have a victory, accept it.”

According to the same post, Biden told Netanyahu: “You won.” Accept it.” He made it clear at this stage that the United States would not participate in any aggressive operations against Iran and would not support such operations, and Netanyahu responded that he understood this.

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The official statement read: “I told Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel has demonstrated a remarkable ability to defend itself and defeat even unprecedented attacks – sending a clear message to its enemies that they cannot effectively threaten Israel’s security.”

“My team will work with their counterparts across the region. We will remain in close contact with Israel’s leaders. Although we do not have any attacks on our forces or facilities today, we will remain vigilant to all threats and will not hesitate to take all necessary actions to protect our people,” Biden said. .