October 1, 2023

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Irini Karipidis: “After we acquired Ares, we paid debts of 6.8 million euros, when we were not obligated to do so.”

Irini Karipidis: “After we acquired Ares, we paid debts of 6.8 million euros, when we were not obligated to do so.”

In an interview, Irini Karipidis spoke, among other things, about the debts paid by the current administration, about the sale of Palma and also about the academy’s plans.

In an interview with Sport Press 24 Irene Karipidis He talked about the amount of 6.6 million euros that the current management paid when they were not obligated, and pointed to the sale of Palma, which cost the team only 200 thousand euros, while the deal with Celtic brought 4 million euros, while he also talked about the plan to include the team. academy.

Among other things, the statements of Irini Karipidis

Regarding the financial statements of Al-Merreikh Club: Aris is an important part of the living history of Thessaloniki and therefore deserves respect. On this basis, our management can only be what our team deserves: wise and purposeful to achieve the best possible result. I will tell you as an example that after taking over the administration, debts arose to the previous administrations amounting to 6.8 million euros, and although it was not our duty, we were forced to pay it. In addition, we have effectively managed and dealt with the club’s financial obligations during the very difficult Covid-19 crisis, so the club’s financial position is better than ever.».

For sale in Palma:As you know, in modern professional football trading, football is vital for all clubs and it takes a lot of planning and patience to achieve effective deals. This means the right time to give to one player and the right time to take another, and obviously the commitment and difficult negotiations to do so financially effectively. The appropriate time is determined by the sum of many factors, not just one factor. So I tell you that whether in the case of Mancini or in the case of Luis Palma, who Celtic bought for 4 million, while we got him from Vida for only 200 thousand, but also in other cases such as Mateo Garcia, Mazico, etc. etc., Aris has benefited a lot, not only in revenue but also in communication in the international football market».

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For academies: «Aris has academies and very soon we will be able to announce our new plan to significantly enhance our academies. Planning for the actual structural changes has been completed and relevant announcements will be made soon in the coming period».