June 25, 2024

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Is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage in crisis?

Is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage in crisis?

Princess Kate and Prince William have been married since 2011. During these 12 years, they have three children together: 10-year-old George, 8-year-old Charlotte, and 5-year-old Prince Louis.

However, even a princely wedding is not perfect. Why would it be different from all other weddings? Nothing is the answer.

In particular, a source from the palace revealed to Us Weekly that the couple is going through the deep crises that a normal couple experiences in their marriage.

“A lot has been said and done and Kate can’t comprehend it.”

“Kate and William have ups and downs in their marriage like everyone else. But they try to focus on their tasks and working as a team.”

The most difficult moment

According to the publication, one of the most difficult moments in their marriage was the publication of Harry’s autobiography. What Harry wrote inside so enraged Kate that she first lashed out and then didn’t want to see it… not even her brother-in-law, whom she adored and once painted.

“A lot has been said and done that Kate cannot process. William would like to reach some sort of truce, but is in no rush,” the report said.

The same source tells us: “Kate does not want to contact Harry or Meghan.” “A lot has happened and she’s not ready yet.”

A difficult year

It’s been a tough year for the couple, Us Weekly reported.

This is the first year without Queen Elizabeth, who died in September 2022 at the age of 96. It has been a difficult year for the whole family.

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Months after her death, Harry dropped several revelations about the family, first through the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan in December 2022, and then through his book a month later.

“They’re the first to admit that the year has been tough, but everyone agrees that William and Kate have done a great job at staying strong in the face of such adversity,” the same source told Us Weekly in their September cover story.

The couple has taken on more royal responsibilities than ever before after King Charles took the throne.

However, the same source says William and Kate are doing well, despite the pressures, and hopes they can “help lead the royal family in a more modern direction.”

Finally, it is difficult for anyone to imagine that William and Harry will find each other in the near future. “Even if Harry comes running back with an apology, it’s hard to imagine William forgiving and forgetting,” the source said.