April 18, 2024

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Is Prince William having an extramarital affair?

Is Prince William having an extramarital affair?

The Princess of Wales, known as Kate Middleton, made her first public appearance on Saturday after undergoing abdominal surgery in mid-January.

In the official photo published on March 10, Kate was not wearing a wedding ring, sparking rumors that William is cheating on her

Or thereabouts: According to The Sun, Kate and her husband, Prince William, visited a farm that sells fresh produce from Windsor Castle farms, 1.5 kilometers from their palace, and first walked around the store and then shopped; Eyewitnesses said Kate looked “happy, relaxed and healthy”; According to The Sun, the couple also spent Saturday morning watching the sporting activities of their three children, whom they did not accompany to the Windsor Farm Shop.

However, there is no photo of all this, neither amateur nor official. So, instead of fading away, the conspiracy theories circulating in recent months about Kate's health, but also about her relationship with William, have flared up even more.

The only photo published by Kensington Palace of Kate's recovery on Mother's Day, which is celebrated in Britain on March 10, caused far more problems than it sought to solve.

It was taken by William in Windsor, and depicts the 42-year-old smiling as she sits on a lawn chair surrounded by her three children, but it was revealed it had been edited out, in a total of 16 places, prompting six major agencies to withdraw it. Kate apologizes the next day, posts on X, and takes responsibility.

News agencies asked the palace to provide them with the original photo, but they refused, adding to the wave of conspiracy theories.

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Aside from this, Kate has been photographed in public only twice in the past three months, the first on March 4 in a car with her mother and the second on March 11 in a car with William.

She was reportedly on her way on a private date, but the fact that she was looking out the window and looking away from the lens sparked rumors that she wanted to hide her face, as did the fact that she wasn't wearing a wedding ring. The official photo released on March 10 sparked rumors that William is having an extramarital affair.

According to The Sunday Times, Kate and William are feeling very sad and deeply saddened by all of this. They intend to reveal more details about Kate's recovery but in due course and on their own terms – perhaps in some of the Princess's future public engagements.

Officially, the Princess of Wales is expected to return to public duties after the Easter break, which ends on April 17. However, she will likely be able to make her first public appearance on March 31, at an Anglican Easter Mass.

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