February 26, 2024

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Israel and Hamas initiate a new hostage exchange and ceasefire in Gaza

Israel and Hamas initiate a new hostage exchange and ceasefire in Gaza

The mediation of the Prime Minister of Qatar is crucial

Negotiations in Paris take a positive turn, mediated by the Prime Minister of Qatar, and Israel agrees to the conditions for releasing the hostages It is now expected to get the green light from Hamas.
More specifically, Special negotiators from Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar agreed on a framework for the release of the remaining American and Israeli hostages. A source familiar with the matter told NBC News.
Therefore, the project will be officially presented to Hamas today.
The agreement, which was reached in Paris, stipulates the release of prisoners held by Hamas in various stages, while… At the same time, it expects a ceasefire in Gaza and the delivery of humanitarian aid.
In return, Palestinian prisoners held by Israel are also expected to be released.
The negotiators reportedly included the Prime Minister of Qatar and intelligence chiefs from third countries.
It is noteworthy that during the first agreement between the two sides, which was held last November, more than 100 Israeli hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged, but The negotiations broke down a week later, and no new exchanges have occurred since.
At this point, Hamas is still holding more than 100 hostages in Gaza.

The Paris Agreement and the attack on Khan Yunis in Gaza

Despite the clear agreement between Hamas and Israel in Paris, Hundreds of thousands of malnourished Palestinian civilians throughout the Gaza Strip continue to live tragic hoursLike the Israeli army Occupation aircraft are bombing the large southern city of Khan Yunis day and night This pushed its entire population, along with hundreds of thousands of refugees from northern Gaza into the Rafah area, who now have to face a second “collective punishment”, which is the interruption of humanitarian aid imposed on them by Western countries. .
Immediately after the announcement of the decision of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which called on Israel to take concrete measures within a month to protect civilians in Gaza, so as not to be accused of committing “genocide,” Western countries announced that they would stop funding the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, which is currently feeding more than of 1.5 million Palestinian civilians because some of its workers were implicated against Israel in the Hamas attack on October 7.
The United States was the first, followed by Australia and Canada, then Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Finland, which announced that they would end aid funding, a major source of support for Gaza residents, in the wake of Israel's complaints.
Instead, Ireland and Norway announced that they would continue funding humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees as usual.

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UNRWA announces its inability to continue its aid to Gaza unless funding is resumed

In response to Tel Aviv's allies. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) announced today that it will not be able to continue its operations in the Gaza Strip. And in the region in general after the end of February If its financing is not renewed.
A number of countries, including the United States, Germany and Britain, have suspended funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees after allegations that 12 of its employees were involved in the October 7 attack carried out by militants from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in Israel.
“If funding is not repeated, UNRWA will not be able to continue its services and operations in the region, including Gaza, after the end of February“, noted the representative of this United Nations agency.

Israel: 190 UNRWA (United Nations) employees participated in the October 7 attack

More information about them Israel's claims against UNRWAIt came to light, affiliated with the United Nations Palestinian Aid Agency, as Reuters quoted a file of that information It is alleged that 190 of the organization's employees participated in the October 7 attacks launched by Hamas.
The six-page envelope gives Names and photos of 11 people, including teachers; Who say they were recruited as fighters for Hamas or Islamic Jihad.
One is a school counselor accused of helping his son kidnap a woman during a Hamas attack, which Israel says killed 1,200 people and kidnapped 253 others.
Another is accused of participating in an attack in the city of Reem, the site of a destroyed military base and a festival in which more than 360 people were killed.
Reuters reporters obtained the file from an anonymous source who said he obtained it from Israeli intelligence and shared it with the United States.
More than 10 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have stopped funding the agency.
He was asked about file A An UNRWA spokesman said he could not comment on this information Due to ongoing investigations by the United Nations.
For their part, the Palestinians accused Israel of falsifying information to discredit UNRWA, which says it has fired some of its employees and is conducting an investigation.

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