May 22, 2024

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Israel: “Hamas loves Biden” – Ben Gvir’s comment that sparked the “war”

Israel: “Hamas loves Biden” – Ben Gvir’s comment that sparked the “war”

The White House’s decision to freeze some arms shipments to Israel, as well as the “red line” set by Joe Biden regarding Rafa, sparked angry reactions in Israel, especially in the far-right wing of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

“Irresponsible and offensive criticism that harms the national security and interests of the State of Israel.”

Joe Biden’s “red line” has been set regarding Israeli movements in Rafah, which is an invasion by Israeli armed forces of population centers in the area.

“I have made it clear that if they enter Rafah – they have not entered Rafah yet, they are on the border – I will not provide them with the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities – which they are facing this problem,” the US President said on CNN.

This particular statement sparked reactions from far-right elements in Netanyahu’s government, with National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir accusing Joe Biden in his Channel X post of now being a “Hamas darling.”

“Ben Gvir is irresponsible” – they demand his resignation

The statement sparked strong reactions, with Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid responding, describing the far-right minister as a “national burden” and calling on Netanyahu to immediately expel him from the government.

Similar statements were made in a slightly more moderate climate by Israeli President Isaac Herzog, who described Biden as a “very good friend” of Israel and used very harsh language in Ben Gvir’s remarks, speaking of “irresponsible and insulting” criticism.

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Speaking during an official ceremony commemorating the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, Hetzog said the event was “a wonderful opportunity to thank the allies of the State of Israel today, especially our greatest ally, the United States of America.” “I would like to thank President Biden, who is a very good friend of the State of Israel and has proven that since the first day of the war.”

In a clear “attack” on Ben Gvir, Herzog said, “In the context of this morning’s news, it is important for me to say that even when there are disagreements and moments of frustration between friends and allies, the differences must be resolved through a peaceful solution.” In a certain way, it is the duty of all of us to avoid baseless, irresponsible and insulting statements and tweets that harm the national security and interests of the State of Israel.”