June 19, 2024

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Isthmus: Tanker fire extinguished

Isthmus: Tanker fire extinguished

On Friday (7/6) in Athens-Corinth, at the 75.5th km point of the Isthmus Bridge, a tanker carrying gasoline overturned.

The effect of the overturning created an inferno of fire with subsequent explosions.

The fire on the tanker has already been fully extinguished as it was initially difficult to approach due to heat stress.

Firefighters immediately extinguished the fire on the ramps surrounding the tanker, preventing the fire from spreading to surrounding areas.

The driver was taken to the hospital and had no other injuries.


There was a problem on the flyover where the tanker diverted due to high heat.


For this reason it was published and still exists 112 is forbidden to enter the Olympia road from Eleusis to Corinth and from Gyado to Corinth.While the condition of the flyover (crossing the old national road) is being inspected by engineers.

A tanker capsizes in Athens-Corinth (4)


A tanker capsizes in Athens-Corinth (3)

A tanker capsizes in Athens-Corinth (2)

A tanker capsizes in Athens-Corinth (1)

Infrastructure Deputy Minister Nikos Tachiaos is already on the scene along with representatives of the fire brigade, police and concessionaires along with the ministry’s engineers carrying out constant control of the bridge.

Except for the national one Passenger traffic has also been suspended.

The fire department also reported that no other vehicles were involved in the accident, while shortly before 11:00 p.m., fire brigades operating at the scene began dousing and pouring special extinguishing fluid.


Traffic disruptions – Vehicle detours are in effect

Traffic was stopped on both streams. Specifically, according to traffic information, Vehicular traffic restrictions are in place on the new national highway of Athens-Corinth and the old national highway at the height of Aki Theodori..

On the new national highway of Athens-Corinth, traffic has been reorganized in the direction of Athens..

In Current from Athens to Corinth (Q approx. 3 km) Stranded cars are diverted at the exit to Loutraki – Old Isthmus Bridge and gradually released and then re-enter Olympia.


The specific stream (from Athens to Corinth) will be closed for the next few hours, traffic diversions continue as engineers estimate parts of the flyover will need to be removed on site, which will take time. Once the engineers’ estimates are complete, there will be an up-to-date update on the time taken to complete specific tasks.

In the current from Corinth to Athens, the stranded turn upside down (The queue is about 1 km). As the flyover does not appear to be damaged at this point, the stream is expected to be opened soon.


According to Traffic’s latest update: On the current towards Corinth, removing diversions: 1) Elefsina Dole, 2) Kalamaki Dole, 3) Agioi Theodoro. Vehicles will exit from Loutraki junction and enter Epidaurus junction.

Old EO of Athens Corinth Closed upstream to Corinth at the height of Aki Theodori. 2) Removal of detour at Kinetas Junction.

Traffic congestion on the Athens-Corinth national road, especially at the Elefsina tollbooth, caused long lines of immobile vehicles.

June 7, 2024

Isthmus: Terrible explosion in front of camera during report

28 firemen with 9 vehicles were involved in extinguishing the fire. However, due to the spillage of petrol on the road, the extinguishing task is difficult.

A tanker exploded in the isthmus

June 7, 2024

Tanker explosion on the isthmus

The fire quickly spread across the highway.

Thick smoke and flames above the accident site.

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