May 18, 2024

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It may have been tearing my body apart, but no one cared about my dreams

It may have been tearing my body apart, but no one cared about my dreams

the Maria Polizzo She gave an interview and talked about the sexual abuse she suffered from her father when she was still a child, as well as the difficulties she faced in sports.

The former athletics champion was invited to the program “Studio 4” and initially referred to her childhood.

“I was born in Patras in a poor family, we had 5 children. It's one of those things that we hear on TV and we want to turn off the TV so that we don't get hurt and don't face something that unfortunately happens in our community.” He said characteristically.

Then she talked about her father and the difficult times she lived with him. “There was a lot of violence. My father was an alcoholic, so when I was a happy kid at 11, suddenly the place, the community and life itself started to turn black. You don't know exactly what's going on, but you have a feeling that something bad is happening.” “Until the age of 11 there was no sexual abuse. There the child loses the whole universe. I did not feel guilty, it was clear to me who was to blame.”to explain.

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Maria Polizzo added: “At that moment you don't speak, no one will hear you. You think life has no meaning. I packed my things and left the house. My body may have been torn apart, but no one disturbed my mind and my dreams. I had a dream of going to the Olympics.”
At another point in her interview, Maria Pulizzo referred to the financial difficulties she has faced over the years. “The only fatigue I felt was mental. The physical passes, and mental fatigue is difficult. In my early years, to support myself, I did everything. I cleaned houses, and did various jobs to survive. Most of the time, I didn't have anything to eat when I “You were a hero. A hero.”He confirmed.

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