May 22, 2024

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It was my most beautiful visit to Athens

It was my most beautiful visit to Athens

Speaking in front of thousands of his friends, Edi Rama asked for their support in next year’s elections. NEWS 24/7 His message from Clistow, packed with evidence found.

Albania’s prime minister gave a speech in front of thousands of his friends, including many families with children. Eddie Rama, Sunday morning (12/05) in Klisto Galatsiou, in a visit that put the government in a difficult position.

In his speech, which lasted about an hour, the Albanian Prime Minister addressed the crowd I request you to support me in next year’s electionsAt the same time he invited businessmen from his country to invest in Albania.

Eti Raman speech in closed gallery

News 24/7

Following his statement Fred BellerisMr. Ramma underlined. “He did not come to provoke”.

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He called his visit to Athens “very beautiful”. He also apologized for his mistakes.

Specifically, he said: “I apologize for my wrongdoing, but I have never once betrayed those who trusted me for this extraordinary honour. There is no greater honor for a man than to lead his country in his lifetime. There is no material, economic force, person or state that can induce or pressure me to act behind your back and violate your interests. It was my most beautiful visit to Athens, and I don’t believe there could be a more beautiful one“.

Eddy Raman's speech in Kalatsi

Eddy Raman’s speech in Kalatsi


In his speech, he did not fail to make special mention of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis:I would also like to send a message to my friend on your behalf Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected by the people to lead Greece. In 1886, our poet Naim Frasheri wrote the poem “True Desire of Albanians” in Greek. Let us live in order and peace with all our neighbours, let’s fight without becoming enemies. Many thanks from me and Greek Albanians”.

In his speech accompanied by music and food, Mr News 24/7 and spoke to the Albanian citizens and reported the situation of the mass meeting in Klisto do Kalatsi.