May 21, 2024

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It's 2024 and Sony just released a software update for PS3!

It's 2024 and Sony just released a software update for PS3!

Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly 16 years after its original release PS3the Sony Just released a new update for the pre-existing console!

Going into details, update the software with Version code 4.91 It's just been released for PlayStation 3, with Sony's official patch notes not specifying exactly what's changing. In fact, the only important detail noted is that at least 200MB of free storage space on the console's hard drive is needed to install the update.

As usual, the listing on PlayStation's official website simply states that the update “improves system performance.” Obviously, this doesn't mean that the PS3 will suddenly be able to run its games better. This is the standard text that is included in all change logs for updates that do not include user-related changes.

Of course, at this point it should be noted that the modding community has already looked into the files that reveal the real reason for the update. Sony has changed the encryption keys used by its Blu-Ray disc player. This is necessary so that the console can continue to play new Blu-Rays without compatibility issues.

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