May 18, 2024

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It’s advancing on three fronts and waiting until the first week to get ready for Linger

It’s advancing on three fronts and waiting until the first week to get ready for Linger

Panathinaikos is moving on three fronts, having focused on acquiring a midfielder, left-back and stopper, with the Greens ready to give Audrey Linger more time to make up his mind.

Yes, now time is slowly starting to press for Panathinaikos (for another ‘window’ of transfers) because even this year when his total transfers are less he needs the main options he will make available as soon as possible and in any case within the time horizon of the ‘build The team is in Austria.

With just over a week left before the scheduled first meeting of the preseason, the Greens began to speed up, continuing to call the market for their first moves. The first “signs of grumbling” appeared around the organization (especially from the world), but at Panathinaikos they chose not to look for “communication”, but for substance.

Especially this year, when the selections should be very specific and in the direction of mass updating the list. The fact that few things have come out (so far) does not mean that there are no discussions with targets, as Ivan Jovanovic and Giannis Papademetriou now communicate daily and evaluate market data, but also players who have passed the first stage of “filtering”.

At the current stage, Panathinaikos is moving on different fronts, having focused on acquiring a midfielder (the player who will replace Korbelis in the “6-8”), a left back and a central defender, with the prospect of claiming a starting position.

For the left flank, many names are being considered and not only cases such as that of Filip Mladenovic (who is still on the list, but lower now), but also Greek defenders such as Norwich’s Dimitris Giannoulis and Kostas Stavilidis, who was released by Bochum.

They’re both tough cases – especially Giannoulis – but they have a very interesting overall “package”, as well as the instant adaptation feature. At the same time, one or two other cases of a foreign left-back are being examined, in search of the player who will form the duo on the left with Juancar, given that Cristian Gña will need some time to reach 100%, after venturing into a heart infection after Covid-19. And after 6.5 months, according to the protocols, even minimal training was prohibited.

Belief that he will “become” Linger

With regard to Audrey Linger, Panathinaikos is ready to wait a little longer, namely to complete his commitments with the Czech national team (6/20), in order to make his final decisions. The Czech international midfielder asked for some time, apparently because on June 6-7 it is reasonable to wait and see if there will be another proposal from stronger leagues, such as those of Germany and France.

They will give Panathinaikos more time in this particular case, even the first week of their preparation (before leaving for the main stage) just because they consider him a player worth waiting for, and of course working on some other cases as well. You have to prepare.

However, there is faith that Lingr will eventually be “baked” by the project that was presented to him, and by the financial part of the offer that Panathinaikos is able to present to him, in order to pursue the final conversation (and) with Slavia Prague and make the specified transfer …

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