July 14, 2024

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Kanye West’s new film Julia Fox describes their relationship: ‘A real Cinderella moment’

Kanye West’s new film Julia Fox describes their relationship: ‘A real Cinderella moment’

Kanye West New Fling Julia Fox talks about the link the couple will share.

Fox said the two had “immediate contact” when they met West in Miami New Year’s Eve In a small area She wrote for the interview Magazine.

Also shared pictures of the store Date night The two shared in New York City.

Kanye West’s newcomer Julia Fox described her relationship with the rapper in a new interview.
(Gotham / GC Images)

“His energy is so much fun to be around,” he wrote. “He made me and my friends laugh, dance and laugh all night. Following the energy we decided to fly to New York City to watch ‘Slave Play’.”

“Ya’s plane landed at six, the play was at seven, and he got there just in time,” Fox continued. “I was impressed. After the play we chose to dine at Carbon, one of my favorite restaurants. Apparently.”

Kanye West’s new rumored Fling, who is Julia Fox?

Fox described the time the two spent at the famous New York City restaurant Carbon.

“At the restaurant, you ran a whole photo shoot for me while people were eating!” She wrote. “The whole restaurant loved it and cheered us on when it happened.”

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West and Fox met on New Year's Day and enjoyed Tate's night together in New York City.

West and Fox met on New Year’s Day and enjoyed Tate’s night together in New York City.
(Photo by Gotham / GC Images)

According to the actress, West surprised Fox with a hotel suite full of clothes.

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“You had clothes all over the hotel suite,” Fox explained. “Every woman’s dream comes true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment. I do not know how she did it, or how she did it all. But I was very surprised. Who does things like this on a second date? Or any date! Everything with us is so natural I do not know where things are going, but if this is a sign of the future, I want to ride. “

The West has been isolated ever since Kim Kardashian Filed for divorce in February. He has recently teamed up with Fox, though many Public announcements That the ex-couple will reunite.

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Fox is best known for her role in 'Uncategorized Gems' with Adam Chandler.

Fox is best known for her role in ‘Uncategorized Gems’ with Adam Chandler.
(Jamie McCarthy / Wire Image)

Fox is an Italian-American actress and filmmaker. He is best known for his breakout role in the movie “Uncut Gems” starring alongside Adam Chandler.

According to Page six, The actress is recovering from a split with her husband Peter Artemie. Both welcomed a baby in 2021. For the past two weeks Fox has appeared on his social media to refer to relationship struggles.