April 19, 2024

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Kate Middleton: from hospital announcement to cancer detection

Kate Middleton: from hospital announcement to cancer detection

A storm of rumours, speculation and even conspiracy theories ensued Announcement on January 17 that Kate Middleton was hospitalized She underwent a serious operation, and more than two months later, today, March 22, she announced in an emotional message that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Although we knew that hospitalization would be followed by a long period of recovery that was initially known to last until Easter (next Sunday, March 31), the craze – unfounded “theories” about Kate's whereabouts – It was often not easy to spot them. extinguish.

The British royal family tried to respond with a photo of Kate with her children, which caused an uproar because it was edited. Then we learned of her appearance with her husband, a picture that did not convince many. Today, another report about Kate's appearance.


Within these 65 daysFrom mid-January until now, a lot has happened that has left many questions unanswered, while things are proceeding in parallel The issue of the health of King Charles, who suffers from prostate cancer. Two very prominent family members, together fighting the disease, the same disease that millions of other people around the world are fighting…

The thread of this adventure must be unraveled since the last public appearance of Clate Middleton and the family.

It was XChristmas at Sandringham With her husband, Prince William, and their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, as well as other members of the royal family.

After the holidays, the health adventure of Carolus became famous, as he chose to announce that he suffers from an enlarged prostate, a common problem among men his age.

On the same day, on January 17Kensington Palace announced that Kate had entered the hospital, where she had been admitted the day before, after successful abdominal surgery. The exact nature of the operation was not known, but it was announced at the time that it was not related to cancer.

However, the hospitalization will last 10 to 14 days and will be followed by several weeks of recovery at her residence.

He was discharged one day January 29, on the same day as Charles. But if the King greeted the crowd, Kate secretly withdrew to her residence.

Shortly after that, on February 5The public was informed that Charles had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was beginning appropriate treatment, which would keep him away from his duties.

A month has passed without any substantive news while rumors have raged about Kate Middleton's condition. Today we know that February 27 William and Kate learned of the cancer diagnosis. For this reason, William was absent from the memorial service for former King Constantine, due to a “personal matter.”


in March 4 The photo, which was released in the US (but not Britain), showed Kate at Windsor Palace as a passenger in a car driven by her mother, Carole. His face was puffy and he was wearing big black glasses, all of which led to more theories.


Next week, on March 10Kensington Palace released the first photo of Kate after surgery. She posed with her children on Mother's Day. But it soon became clear that the photo “caused ridicule” in many places. Kate sent her a letter to take responsibility for her mistakes in amateur editing, which muddied the waters surrounding her situation more than providing answers.

Has follow-up March 18 A video clip from the American website TMZ shows William and Kate leaving a grocery store, in front of quite a few people. New unanswered questions from the palace.

To put an end to the rumors with the announcement March 22 She herself suffers from cancer.

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