April 23, 2024

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Kate Middleton teases 'change in royal family protocol'

Kate Middleton teases 'change in royal family protocol'

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has shared her shocking cancer diagnosis with the nation in an emotional video message, hailed by a royal expert as a “turning point”.

News that Kate, Princess of Wales is undergoing treatment for cancer, has shocked the nation and ended weeks of wild online speculation about her whereabouts and health.

But the emotional video message in which Kate herself spoke directly to the public marked a “turning point” for the royal family, an expert has claimed. The Windsors are known for taking a never explain, never complain approach to their PR strategy, but Kate is taking charge of her own narrative and has spoken openly about her health challenges too. It shows a serious shift in Royal strategy.

Expert Duncan Larcombe explained in The Royal Beat By Real Kings TV Specifically, why Kate Middleton's approach to speaking out and explaining her absence from the country is so important. “I think this video represents the end of their motto of ‘never complain, never explain’. So, going forward, if the Palace is going to respond to a situation that was usually calm before, I think that’s a turning point.”

Coram-James noted that in the wake of outrage over her doctored Mother's Day photo – which was pulled by news outlets on suspicion of “manipulation” – the princess was quick to issue a personal apology for the “confusion” caused by her editing in a letter. On its official accounts on social networking sites.

“I don't blame the Princes of Wales, or any of her team, for doing some editing on an image that they knew would be seen by millions of people. The only notable thing about this image is that it got a lot of comments and attention as it was edited.

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