July 14, 2024

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Katerina Caravatou falls in love again after 4 years of separation from Crateru Katsoulis!

Katerina Caravatou falls in love again after 4 years of separation from Crateru Katsoulis!

It was shortly after his fifteenth birthday. 2021 When Katerina Caravatou and Crateros Katsoulis decided to end their marriage, After 10 years and 2 childrenSince then, both have maintained an eerie silence regarding their personal lives, while clearly giving a lot of attention to their children and professional affairs.

However, in a recent interview with Downtown Cyprus magazine, SKAI presenter Yiannis Chatzigeorgiou, among others, spoke about the possibility of rebuilding her life with a partner, which means that she still does not have someone by her side, clearly. option.

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Caterina Caravato reveals her personal life

Are you ready for someone new to enter your personal life? Unless they already exist and we just haven’t found out yet…

“I’ll tell you. Elia is now 13 years old, she’s a child with an internet connection, she can tell us ‘Oh, they wrote this about my father’ or ‘They said this about my mother’, and we’ve explained to her through many conversations how she has to filter what she reads about her parents. For Elia, who is now entering adolescence, but also for Arion as he grows up, I imagine it’s a special case, and I want to respect it.

“I don’t know what decision I’m going to make in the future, whether I’m going to be with someone again in the future, whether I’m going to ‘rebuild my life,’ but I’m always going to be very careful about what happens. Not because I don’t respect my choices, not because I don’t trust them, but mostly because my children are always my guides. So there has to be a process that concerns them first, and then everything else.”

Source: youweekly.gr

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