February 20, 2024

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Katerina Paputsaki: Recognizing the relationship with her two sons

“Guest of the program”Helen» Found on Tuesday 3/12 Katerina Paputsaki.

The well-known actress is in discussion about all the material with her Eleni Minigaki She talked about theater and also about the music she has been working on over the past year, in her role as a mother to her two sons, Kimonas and Maximus.

“I am an optimistic person. I feel joy about things that happen and about life and this saves me from difficult situations. However, there is also the need for balance. Artistically, I am looking for a new identity that can be integrated,” Katerina Papoutsaki said at the beginning.

Regarding where she feels better, theater or singing, Katerina Papoutsaki noted: “The stage is my home in a way and I feel very good. It’s one thing to be above the role and not be yourself. In that context, I feel more free. When you have to be Katerina to do it, you have a responsibility because you’re the one doing it.” “So, sometimes I walk down a path of insecurity.”

Katerina Babosaki said, referring to her two sons, Maximus and Kimonas: “I have a lot of anxiety in my role as a mother, and I think that’s something that never ends. I’m also guilty, I try to work on that in time. On the other hand, because I connect completely with the children and we have a very good relationship, I feel that this symbol is an important symbol “Very, so it’s okay to make mistakes. I’ve studied, I’ve consulted experts, and I don’t just do what my gut tells me to do, so I think I’m in good shape.”