July 14, 2024

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Katja Dandulaki: “This for me will never happen again” – Mess with the actress on air at ERT

Katja Dandulaki: “This for me will never happen again” – Mess with the actress on air at ERT

What happened;

Katja Dandulaki was a guest on “I See You at Noon in the Morning” on Monday afternoon.

The well-known actress spoke on ERT about #metoo and the position she took on the Petros Filippidis case.

Katja Dandulaki’s comments about #metoo and Filippidis

“History cycles. I think there was very much a purging. The victims also felt at least some vindication in their souls. I hope this lasts as long as possible, but if we go back in history and look at things, you’ll see these things come and come back again years later.” ”, says Katya Dandulaki.

When asked about the decision she made to remove Petros Philippidis from the play, defending Lena Drousakis, Katia Dandoulaki replied: “I didn’t feel like I’d done anything brave. It was something I couldn’t do otherwise. It wasn’t something heroic, it was a personal matter. My soul was crying out.” .When my freedom is squeezed or I see someone else’s freedom under pressure, I suffer. I can’t stand fear, I’m not afraid of anyone. The greatest freedom is not to be afraid.”

“I’ve had this since I was young. And sometimes in my profession they say: Katya, because now you have the power, and you do it. I say: I don’t hear you say that again. I was so young, I did little and kept the same attitude. I left photography And I said: This will never happen to me. I remember Elvira Raleigh telling me: Well done, my child, I would do the same in his place ”then Katya described Dandulaki.

“The abuse was verbal. Because there was no way further. I was going to blow him and blow him. I was 19-20 years old. It’s like a reaction, not a force. I said, ‘I’m not coming here again.’ I had such a clean past. I begged.” One, two, three, five, ten… It’s over. That’s why I say no one can cancel me. My life hasn’t been cancelled, “adds Katia Dandulaki.

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