May 18, 2024

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King Charles: Harry and Meghan sent a message to his grandson – Happy Birthday Archie, wherever you are

King Charles: Harry and Meghan sent a message to his grandson – Happy Birthday Archie, wherever you are

The obvious target was Harry’s position at the coronation ceremony, especially Meghan Markle, who resided with her two children in California.

King Charles wished his grandson Archie a happy birthday, as the palace spilled the beans on its disappointment with his grandson and Meghan Markle’s absence from the coronation ceremony.

A palace source said Charles was very disappointed by the attitude of his son Harry, who did not even stay in London for the family meal.

King Charles thanked those present for their support, gave a toast to the whole family, even those absent, and made a special mention of Archie who celebrated his birthday yesterday Saturday. In particular, he wished “Merry Christmas, wherever you are,” as he said.

The obvious target of the palace leak is Harry and especially Meghan, who has resided with their two children in California.

Megan gets a tip-off that she made Archie a birthday cake with fruit from their garden.

20 million viewers in Britain watched the coronation of King Charles

The coronation of King Charles III was watched by 20 million viewers across the UK, with the BBC taking the lion’s share, over 15 million.

29 million British viewers watched Elizabeth’s funeral, 9 million more than the coronation of her son and successor.

Britain has a population of 69 million, but there are families who do not have television and do not want to pay the annual subscription.

Strong reactions to the arrest of dozens of anti-monarchy protesters

Hundreds of protesters booed Charles in the Trafalgar Square area as the royal carriage drove by.

Before the ceremony began, the head of the Graham Democracy Organization and 51 other people were arrested by the police for disturbing the peace, and gradually released.

The police were accused of overreacting even though they used their new powers. The BBC noted that the arrests sparked outrage particularly when anti-royalists were officially given permission to mobilize in Trafalgar Square.

However, among those arrested were three people who were in possession of alarms. Police say they intended to activate it to scare the horses and cause a disturbance.

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