April 19, 2024

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Kostas Sloukas is Kostas Sloukas

Kostas Sloukas is Kostas Sloukas

Panathinaikos Aktor remains in third place in the Europa League standings and Vassilis Sekondis sticks to his captain’s statements…

Sloukas is…Slokas!

I'm not attacking Athens with what I wrote, nor certainly anywhere else where the invitee brought his talents, as LeBron James also said: in Thessaloniki, in Piraeus, in Istanbul, and again in Piraeus before he decided to cross the Rubicon…

Then one prisoner…

Sloukas is… Sloukas has won three Europa League titles, two with Olympiacos and one with Fenerbahce, and now he aspires, lusts and does literally and figuratively everything he can to complete the frame with a third different team and get caught. Prasita is the only player to achieve this feat…

Sarah's record And Incubation

Who is this;

Sarunas Jasikevicsos, who when he achieved this record (Barcelona 2003, Maccabi 2004 and 2005, Panathinaikos 2009) Sloukas was still… an 18-year-old Byzantine, who almost carried the balls at Olympiacos!

Two prisoners, so that the number is not lost..

Sloukas is… Sloukas appeared in 11 Final 4 games, either off the bench as an emerging player at this level, or as a star…

Three prisoners, lest we forget…

14 seasons, numbers Anyway, it is science!

Sloukas is…Slokas Solat for 14the In the Euroleague, in addition to the three Cups, his coach also had 374 games, 8612 minutes played, 3503 points, 810 rebounds, 1629 assists, etc…

Four in custody and counting..

Sloukas is… Sloukas knows how to play, he knows how to talk and he knows what he wants to say and how to say it when he speaks…

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I have my own opinion on this matter from the many times we have opened a conversation either about a particular issue, or about the entire scientific field, and none have been excluded… The Asia Minor disaster.

The five prisoners and the pastacozzi, as the Italians say…

Rural routine And specific gravity

I continued as usual to write this long introduction to get to the obvious and obvious: every word of the gunpowder-smoking Sluka (and any player who made a game…the agricultural process of plowing, sowing, cultivating – harvesting) does not belong to the air, but has a special weight…

Yesterday, Panathinaikos beat Villeurbanne, recording their 18th win in 29 matches, remaining in third place in the standings and reserved for more…

As for the bonus points at the moment and until proven otherwise it is not a top four finish, nor home advantage in the playoffs, nor the desired qualification to the Final 4, which has been haunted since 2012, nor even the recovery of the pucks after 13 years. .

Spectator and Festival goers!

I open parentheses here to remind you that in 2009 in Berlin, which will also host this year's Final Four, the most complete and quality team in the history of Panathinaikos and one of the all-time leaders of the competition ascended to the throne (even if by a difference of four points in the two matches), Sloukas was training in ““I don't play, but I watch and learn.”!

In his first season with Olympiacos, he did not play in any Europa League matches and in Berlin in 2009 and in Paris in 2010 (when he played in the first stage match with Orleans) he was content with the role of spectator and… party-goer!

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“I wasn't ready to play”

“Then I wasn't ready and mature to play.” He told me in an interview in 2019.Panagiotis Giannakis was right to leave me out of the 10s both times. He didn't do anything wrong with me, I understood for myself then that I didn't deserve to play. In Berlin, I was sitting in my military uniform at the table with Harris Yiannopoulos and Yiannis Karatanassis, and in Paris with Kostas Papanikolaou.”.

Third and medical!

In 2016, he returned to Berlin as a Fenerbahce player and left bitter over the dramatic extra-time defeat to CSKA Moscow and now expects to return to the same city for the third time…

Until that happens, of course, a lot of water will be flowing down the drain, and Slokas knows that too…

He knows this and he said it many times after the victory over Villeurbanne, in which he was physically and mentally composed, with 14 points and eight assists.

In such cases, the flying hours of elite basketball offer the experience that the product of time becomes wisdom, the essence of which was yesterday's statement…

Click and… faint!

“It takes a simple click to go from a good team to a championship team.” .

“Are you listening to me?”As Jacek Gamuch (then Panathinaikos football coach) used to say forty years ago at the Alexandra Avenue Stadium!

Slokas is absolutely right and everyone should listen to him because there is actually a click that separates a good team from a great team and that has to do with endurance, reactions and resistance. under the Stretching“, as they say in my village: in stress situations that stimulate the metal and its character.

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Dual CrashesExam In a sword

Such a situation, for example, the Green Team will face next Thursday at the Peace and Friendship Stadium against Olympiacos, for whom the derby on the thirtieth round will be an equivalent crash test.

They are tired of seeing each other's faces because they have faced each other five times now and most likely in this season they will break all previous records and be ugly!

In addition to the second stage of the Stoiximan Basketball League and the inevitable series (unless the devil breaks his leg) of the National League Finals, there is a serious risk that they will also face each other in the Euroleague playoffs. And actually in three crossover scenarios: 2nd vs. 7th (if qualifying through extra play), 3rd vs. 6th, and 4th vs. 5th!

the “the civil wars” And the caravans

Of course, apart from the possibility of the “civilian” quarter-finals (as happened in 1997), there is also a better scenario: Panathinaikos Aktor remains in the top four, and Olympiacos, which now ranks fifth (with one win from the Greens and Monaco) and plays They have the home advantage in the qualifiers.

I live this moment when the final of Tel Aviv and Zaragoza will be revived and caravans and charters of joy will set off on the road to Berlin!