December 9, 2023

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Kratos, Spider-Man, Goyle and Eli are playing Champions League level ball! (Bentio)

Kratos, Spider-Man, Goyle and Eli are playing Champions League level ball!  (Bentio)

Her cooperation Sony So is he Play Station With the Champions League being organized throughout these decades, it has provided many memorable commercials. But maybe now it’s time for the most epic of all!

Via YouTube and social media, PlayStation has released two new commercials for Champions League Ha Season 2023-24which includes all of Sony’s current gaming mascots.

Of course, their characters are confused about what they would do if they were watching a Champions League soccer match. That’s why you’ll see it Nathan Drake to unknown To go up to the roof of the stadium to watch the match, while S Kratos by Atreus to God of War From the nicknames to accompanying the players on the pitch and the Gjallarhorn whistle from the stands.

the Miles Morales by Peter Parker from Spider-Man 2 They save a few thousand spectators from a giant screen that will fall on them Ellie And Joel to The last of us They bring the ball to the referee, S Astro boy Decides which team will move to which position, while… Aloy to Horizon Helps the coach with his tactics.

You’ll see this and more in the two amazing PlayStation ads below:

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