June 19, 2024

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Kronakis… Breaking the news from Anna Drosa – We have just gotten divorced from Thanassis Lala [βίντεο]

Kronakis… Breaking the news from Anna Drosa – We have just gotten divorced from Thanassis Lala [βίντεο]

Although it had been written for some time that Anna Drosa and Thanasis Lalas had broken up, they did not confirm the news until… Stamatis Kronakis appeared.

The well-known artist was a guest on the Druza program “What We Say,” and during the conversation and joke between them, he threw the question to the broadcaster, who admitted with a laugh that they had already separated.

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The end of the world dialogue was as follows:

  • SK: I have Venus in Aquarius
  • AD: So, it’s no coincidence that I fell in love with you. And you loved me from the first moment. So much so that someone else was jealous
  • Corona: a long time ago. Who was jealous? No lalas?
  • Ed: Come on, my dear, let’s stop at the names
  • SK: You broke up?
  • AD: Is that what we’re going to do here today? naturally
  • SK: No, let’s see it
  • M: You asked and you knew it, but you wanted to do it now quietly
  • SK: Why did you leave him?
  • M: Be spontaneous and don’t care what we do

Kronakis: “I’m having sex with Stevia”

In another part of his interview, Stamatis Kronakis talked about his weight and the effort he is making to lose weight.

“Despite my weight, the relationship with my body is excellent. I do it as much as I can and I am always in absolute discipline. I have stopped everything, I do not eat sweets and I am addicted to Stevia,” said Stamatis Kronakis, a claustrophobic person, and continued:

“We’re eating. Suzy’s finally eating! Don’t talk bad, let’s eat. You can’t gain weight any other way. I’m not crazy, I’m saying slowly. I’m not saying to lose 10 kilos in a month. I don’t enjoy food anymore. I cut it off from joy”

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