June 19, 2024

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You can’t imagine what unites Felicioto and Batoledo

You can’t imagine what unites Felicioto and Batoledo

the Fotini Felicioto Monday night (10/06) he was invited to “The 2Night Show” and talked all about it in a rare TV appearance.

The singer mentioned the song “Separation” and how it entered her life before and for that She worked as a teacher for 24 years.

I’ve been singing for 40 years. She’s known me the last few years because I didn’t know me either. I was a primary school teacher for 24 years in Thessaloniki Prefecture. They were the most beautiful years of my life. “With kids, when you’re busy, you just have to endure,” Fotini Felicioto said, commenting on the way she sang at school and with a few friends.

The singer explained that the song was not an end in itself and that she was not interested in pursuing a career as a singer. “In 2004 I recorded my first record, and it wasn’t going well, but I wasn’t disappointed. I sang every Friday, and I couldn’t help it, and my children were young too, at Kavodion Hellenikon. George Kazantzis heard me there and told me That he had a thing for me and when I was gone he had ‘Bees’ for me. It took me out of my peace. The song came out in 2007 but had a second run in 2019 with the series.

She then also mentioned her involvement in basketball, revealing that she was a teammate of Fola Batulido.

“I was in Armeniki and then Fula joined the team. Then he tracked the ball, and he didn’t know what the shape of the ball was or what color it was. We used to go out and I drank tzipora and ate Fula mezze. I’ve played basketball for 15 years and the last game I played while pregnant with my son I scored 32 points. From where I was waking up was “writing”. “I haven’t played since,” Fotini Felicioto said.

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Grigoris Arnautoglou even called out Voula Batulidou, who joked that her hands still hurt from Fotini Feliciotou’s passes.