April 24, 2024

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KTEO and tolls: what's changing?

KTEO and tolls: what's changing?

“block” in Vehicles The uninsured and those who did not pass inspection KTEO Status of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and AADE, in accordance with the Ministry's action plan for 2024, which brings together Severe fines From 150 to 500 euros with administrative and criminal penalties.

Specifically, the plan foresees three main interventions that will realign their situation VehiclesAccording to which it is expected to activate a new automated mechanism to identify vehicles that are not insured or that have not passed the mandatory inspections KTEOwhile the application is also being designed Graduated fines For traffic taxes.

  • Uninsured vehicles

In the Ministry's plans Addy It is an application of an automated tracking system for vehicles circulating in Greece Without insurancethrough a new platform, which will examine and identify uninsured vehicles, and immediately begin imposing fines on their owners.

For intersections, data from the electronic file of the AADE, the file of circulating vehicles of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, stolen vehicles of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, deceased vehicles of the Ministry of the Interior, recycled vehicles of the Alternative Administration of Vehicles in Greece and insured vehicles from the Information Center of the Additional Liability Insurance Fund from Car accidents.

Owners of uninsured vehicles will be notified of the violation and will be required to pay a fine in the form of an additional fee of up to 250 euros Which they will have to pay in order to insure their car. Those who do not comply will face a fine 500 euros Administrative and criminal penalties, such as suspension of the license for 6 months and removal of license plates and registration.

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In the same way, through a special platform, vehicles that have not passed through will also be detected Technical control of KTEOs.

According to the relevant planning, fines will be imposed on the owners of these vehicles 150 eurosIf the violation is found in a traffic police, the fine amounts to 400 euros.

  • Traffic fees

Changes in the certification system Traffic fees It brings the HYPETHO – AADE layout, where a graduated fine is considered depending on the time of delay in paying tolls.

The most common scenario predicts that the earlier the road tax is paid after the deadline, the smaller the fine, while the aim is for implementation by the end of 2025.

It is reported that based on the current system, fine It reaches twice the value of the annual fees, even if the fees are paid one day late.