May 18, 2024

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Labor Inspectorate: What applies to Easter gift for workers in the private sector

Labor Inspectorate: What applies to Easter gift for workers in the private sector

In any case, the duration of the business relationship is important, so the final amount is calculated.

the Work inspection It announced that in accordance with the provisions of Joint Ministerial Resolution No. 19040/81 (Official Gazette No. 742/B/81) of the Ministers of Economy and Labor, issued in implementation of Resolution No. 10040/81. 1 of Law 1082/80 (Official Gazette 250/A/80), System for calculating the Easter gift, which, for the current year, must be paid to employees by Wednesday (05/01/2024).

All employees who receive a salary or daily wage and work either full-time or part-time and have an employment contract for a fixed or indefinite period set by their employers are entitled to an Easter gift equivalent to half a monthly salary as opposed to those receiving 15 days salary and wages for salaried employees.

In any case, the duration of the business relationship is important, so the final amount is calculated.

As indicated in the relevant announcement, the condition for the payment of the Easter bonus 2024 is the existence of an employment relationship (employment relationship) for the private sector employee during the period from 01/01/2024 to 04/30/2024.

The basis for calculating the gift is the regular wage paid on the 15th day, before Easter.

It is clarified that as of April 1, 2024, for those who pay with YA. 25058/29/03/2024 (Official Gazette 1974/2024) A new statutory minimum wage and a new statutory minimum daily wage are applied, based on their seniority, according to No. Circular No. 88073/2023 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

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For employees whose employment relationship ended before the above-mentioned day, either due to dismissal or due to voluntary retirement, but during the period for calculating the bonus, i.e. from 01/01/2024 to 04/30/2024, the bonus is the day of the termination of the relationship.

This means that a laid-off private sector worker who is paid a salary (daily or hourly) can calculate the 2024 Easter gift they are owed as follows:

– 1/15 of half the monthly salary for every eight calendar days of the employment relationship if he is a paid employee.

– One day's salary for every eight calendar days of the duration of the employment relationship, if paid on a daily basis.

Employees who have worked for less than eight days and are subsequently laid off are entitled to a similar portion of the Easter gift.

The 2024 Easter gift may not be paid in kind, but only in cash.

If employers do not respect the specified time period, within which they must settle their obligations, they will also suffer the consequences of the law, as non-payment of the gift constitutes a criminal offence.

For their part, employees and unions can submit relevant complaints, anonymously or anonymously, through the complaints hotline 1555 or online, through -asfaleia-kai. -ygeia /catangelia/catangelia-3/.

If employees or unions appeal to the competent labor inspectorate based on the workplace, the relevant complaint report will be prepared. The indictment report is transferred to the Public Prosecutor for criminal prosecution against the employer or his legal representative, in the case of a legal entity (company, organization, etc.). At the same time, he is referred to the relevant police department to initiate the automatic procedure.

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Employees or their unions also have the right to file a complaint directly with the relevant police department and request the implementation of the automated procedure. It is noted that the company information and employer's address must be stated accurately in the petition, so that starting the automatic procedure is easy.

During the holiday period, the Labor Inspectorate will conduct inspections of companies across the country and will enforce the law in cases where a violation of the provisions of labor legislation is detected.

In any case of non-payment of the Easter Gift 2024 within the specified deadline, as specified in the above-mentioned provisions, labor inspectors will intervene immediately, to conduct inspections and labor disputes (Article 23b of Law 4144/2013) will be fully resolved prepared to implement the provisions. written, including the procedure of self-incrimination, as provided for in Article 417 et seq. of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

For more information, you can update from the website of the Labor Inspectorate at the following link: -kronos-katafoulis/.

In addition, on the website of the Information Center for Workers and Unemployed People of the GSSE (, those interested can find detailed information, as well as the online application for calculating the Easter gift 2024: https://www.kepea. gr /calc-doro-pasxa.php.

For any clarification, complaint or to provide any information about the issues concerned, employees can contact the local labor relations inspection departments: