February 20, 2024

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Leap to a police officer’s injury: Government should stop championships in every sport

Leap to a police officer’s injury: Government should stop championships in every sport

The police officers express their anger towards him Gangster attack on police officer “Melina Mercury” outside the stadium.

In a statement Panhellenic Federation of Police Employees The hapless 31-year-old’s colleagues are calling on the government to suspend the championship at every game.Until the criminal activities of all such subjects cease».

Detailed Notification of POASY:

The entire Hellenic Police is outraged and saddened today by the murderous attack against our colleague The result was his most serious and non-fatal injury. Rage for those who assaulted a police officer in his pay while an organ of the government was doing his job, clearly with intent to kill. Rage to all those who harbor, nurture and support hordes of bipedal hooligans with animal instincts, even though they own the BAE and KAE. Whether they are the “factors” of the game or anyone else.

Sad for the Greek game, being a product of culture, it has become a haven for all kinds of criminal citizens who use this pretext. Regrets the condemnation of Greek society for tolerating criminal behavior and not reacting to condemning and isolating them.

Tragedy for the Greek government, admits to being a bystander to this entire situation, making its operatives prey to the murderous intentions of the criminal elements that have infiltrated the game. How much more is this to absolve the owners and managers of the big unions from criminal and other liability and transfer the responsibilities to the organs of the state, i.e. the Greek police and its personnel.

We request the Prime Minister to immediately suspend all leagues today In each game, until the delinquency of all such subjects ceases.

We call on the Minister of Civil Protection and the Greek Police Chief to immediately stop sending police forces to any sports activities., without any delay and without any reason. A cop fights for his family, we all fight for his life, no excuses are accepted.

We call on the Greek judiciary to immediately intervene and look for those responsible. How high they are on the level of traits that actually act as moral agents in murderous activities. Political parties, sports organizations, M.M.E. And as civil society has done on other occasions, we must join our voices in shouting ¨here it is’.

conclusion, We invite everyone to pray with us for the life of our colleague who was injured with murderous intent. We believe that he will defeat the danger and that the blood he shed will be the last, From a worker who the government stubbornly refuses to recognize, his job is precarious and he wants to distribute tips.

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