May 21, 2024

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Lefteris Petronias: History books – European champion for the seventh time in rings, watch the video

Lefteris Petronias: History books – European champion for the seventh time in rings, watch the video

History was written in Rimini by Lefteris Petronias.

The 33-year-old, an Olympic hoops gold medalist and a legend of the event around the world, won his seventh gold medal at the European Championships in the Italian city.

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The Greek performed his program in the last episode of the final among the eight finalists, collecting 15,000 points (difficulty score: 6300, execution score: 8700) and returning victorious to the European summit!

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He won the silver medal Azerbaijani Nikita Simonov, with 14,900 pointsbeat last year's Egyptian-born winner Turkish Adam Aseel who also received 14.900 points but placed third because he had a lower individual execution score.

The 33-year-old “Master of Hoops,” who was also the top scorer in Wednesday’s (04/24) qualifying match with 14,966 points, has become the most successful specialist ever in the European Championship, trailing behind Hungarian Christian Berki. Who won six horse titles between 2005 and 2012.

Lefteris Petronias is European champion for the seventh time

Before Petronia's seventh European title this year, he was preceded by a bronze medal in his first appearance in the event, in 2011 in Berlin, then six consecutive victories in 2015 in Montpellier, in 2016 in Bern, in 2017 in Cluj, in 2018 in Glasgow, in 2021 in Basel and in 2022 in Munich, in addition to another bronze last year in Attalya.

Meanwhile, he has reached a total of twelve gold medals in major events, including victories at three World Championships (2015, 2017, 2018), the 2015 European Games and of course the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Final ranking
Lefteris Petronias (Greece) 15,000
Nikita Simonov (Azerbaijan) 14900
Adam Aseel (Türkiye) 14900
Vincent Heck (Austria) 14800
Artur Avetisyan (Armenia) 14800
Courtney Tulloch (Great Britain) 14700
Salvatore Maresca (Italy) 14.566
Ibrahim Colak (Türkiye) 14500

Petronia Medals
Bronze medal, Berlin 2011
2015 Montpellier Gold
2016 Burn Gold
2017 Cluj Napoca Gold
2018 Glasgow Gold
2021 Basel Gold
2022 Munich Golden Cup
2023 Antalya Halkino
2024 Rimini Gold

Dimitris Raftis: “I bow before the courage of Lefteris!”

His return Lefteri Petronia The European lead, which he won seven times, and in fact three months before the challenge of the Paris Olympics, was of particular importance, as the “Lord of the Rings” coach confirmed on the team’s official website. the Union. Dimitris Raftis.

“Almost all of Lefteris' opponents were very good and we were worried, but in the end he showed that he can handle such pressure. He has done it many times, but it always feels like we are starting over. The load he carries is very heavy and I bow before his courage!” Mr. Raftis said and continued:
“Even though we didn't like him competing in the end, in the end it turned out better that way, because he had an image of the rest of the athletes. When his turn came, he knew he had to have a really good round to win, because with the exception of the Italian The other six finalists were excellent and received high marks.

The European Championships in Rimini were Petronia's only official race before Paris, and his victory has added value before the most important event:

“This victory has great value for the Olympic Games, because they were all present at this event, except for the Chinese, whoever they are, they will be very strong opponents. We do not have any other official competition scheduled during the coming period, except for the friendly match in Belgium at the end of next June, with the same “The equipment and the conditions of competition that we will find at the Olympics and given that until Paris we will improve a little more, having focused on what we need to do better, I believe that with the courage that Lefteris has he will succeed again.”

Dimitris Raftis also mentioned the men's national team, which showed significant improvement and finished in 15th place with a very good performance.

“The men's national team was excellent. Without any support and preparation, they had a very good overall result, averaging more than 13 points, even though we made mistakes. I said before the match that the team would perform very well, because the children did not feel the pressure.” They trained very hard.”
“If we have the opportunity to work together for a long time, we will do much better. If they give us more support, we can do very good things. As Bortukaloglu’s song says, ‘The children in the stands are your only hope’ and we left our children in the stands. We must “Everyone should try to give something to these children and I'm not talking about money, but I'm talking about support and hugs. If they have it, they will do everything without asking for anything for themselves.”

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