June 25, 2024

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Let’s listen to Mr. Giorgos Karatzaveris, he also said this about the co-exploitation that we see with fishing boats

With the “excuses” of the Ministry of Shipping for free fishing that the Turks have even a few meters from the coast of Kythira, “even cement laughs”! ND executives and MPs are trying to support these excuses – to no avail – on TV panels!!! And some anonymous trolls who have been making posts about ED equipment on Twitter in the past few days!! In Geetha, they do what they do not understand, just as in military justice, of course!

where are we going;

We will be informed by Giorgos Karatzaferis, who seems to have taken on the role of … telali.

As the site reminds us iEpicira We must listen to … Mr. Giorgos Karatzaveris …

iEpikaira has already been mentioned in Climate Co-Exploitation Agriculture by Giorgos Karatzaferis here And here. These statements above were made in an interview with Mega on 02/20/2023.

Two days later, J. A prediction that was very correct, especially considering the difference with surveys that had low reliability.

The remarkable thing was, of course, that in addition to 40%, G. Karatzaferis also spoke of increasing ND seats by 1/3. Something referring to the “secret” plan for 180 seats revealed by Hestia de Kiriaki on 02/28/2023 (here). Plan by which 3/5 of Parliament is required to promote “Prespes of the Aegean-An. Mediterranean”.
It is a coincidence that a few days ago the extroverted and demonstrative political descendant of G. Karatzaferis, named Adonis Georgiadis (whose relations are preserved) speak For the famous 180 seats and reviewing the constitution?

source: i-epikaira.blogspot.com

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