October 4, 2023

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LG changed warranty terms in the US to cover burn-in on OLED screens – LG

LG changed warranty terms in the US to cover burn-in on OLED screens – LG

US subsidiary LG announced that the warranty is for two years, with respect to normal use of OLED screens with Windows PCs, covers now and “Burning,” according to The Verge.

Burn-in was expressly excluded from LG’s normal use warranty, but the South Korean company appears to have changed its mind and is now taking a different stance on the matter: “After four months of discussions With The VergeLG Electronics has changed its warranty terms. LG now offers a two-year warranty on OLED gaming monitors sold in the US,” Christopher DiMaria, LG’s head of consumer PR for North America, told The Verge. So far, LG hasn’t made a similar announcement for Europe or other regions, But there will likely be developments soon.

Burn-in, at least in OLED screens and newer TVs, is rare as there have been significant improvements in OLED panel technology since it was first introduced about 10 years ago in TVs.

However, it may occur during the life of the product under certain conditions. The new two-year warranty is applicable to both new and existing LG 27GR95QE-B OLED displays and covers if a ‘burn-in’ phenomenon occurs under normal use (normal use means that the product is used for what it was created for, LG’s Christopher De Maria explained to the website The Verge), such as gaming, business or casual, as well as desktop computing, with Windows, etc.). For the rest of the OLED display manufacturers, LG Display and Samsung Display provide the display manufacturers a burn-in guarantee, but it is up to each display manufacturer to decide if they want to pass this on to the customer/consumer. Acer and ASUS do not cover combustion under warranty, but Dell (Alienware), Corsair, and Dough do.

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