June 25, 2024

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“Lightning” Nikos Manisis by Marina Satti: “We’ve been exposed! Go to the hotel…”

“Lightning” Nikos Manisis by Marina Satti: “We’ve been exposed! Go to the hotel…”

“Neither singers nor dancers nor composers nor anyone can conduct foreign policy. Why, because all those talented people under Phocas Evangelinos have gone with our own money. So, if you are feeling sleepy, Lady Satie, go to the hotel and sleep to recover.

We can’t have that picture. This is not a picture. Obvious things. you are exhausted; The journalist stressed that no one would say anything at the hotel.

“But the problem is not just Ms Satie. Who manages the Eurovision artists and dancers on behalf of ERT to protect them? People are talented but they don’t know how to do politics.

We were dealing with what we saw. you are exhausted; Go to the hotel, take your medication and rest. Not now to open the bag of Aiolos,” Nikos Manises continued in his statement.

“The dancers who come from Thrace declared that they are Turks. You have the right to believe what you want but go dance with Turkey. Here with the money of the Greek people you come and dance, because you are also talented, as a Greek Muslim. They were not screened and came out.” He concluded: “Foreign policy is not made by singers and dancers.” “.

Source: athensmagazine.gr

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