June 13, 2024

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Lights on Russia-Ukraine talks

Lights on Russia-Ukraine talks

However, Vladimir Medinsky, an adviser to the Russian president, who chaired his country’s negotiating team, said the proposed agreements contained subtleties about what security guarantees Ukraine would receive in addition to existing agreements. Enter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Amid heated comments, representatives from both countries pointed out this week that an Austrian or Swedish-style militarized-government arrangement could become a viable option for kyiv.

“We want it to be a deal for generations so that our children can live in peace.

“We need a peaceful, free, independent, neutral Ukraine, not a member of military camps, not a member of NATO, our friend, a neighbor, we build relationships together and build our future,” he stressed. .

He made it clear that Moscow was against Ukraine for inciting military and economic attacks against Russia.

Michael Bodoliyak, adviser to the President of the Office of the President of Ukraine, who led his country’s delegation in the talks, made it clear that there is still much to discuss, analyze and determine on the future of peace between the parties and bilateral relations. .

“Negotiations can take several weeks or more due to mutual exclusive legal issues,” Potoliac told the US company Bloomberg.

He explained that the main demands of the Ukrainian side were “a ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops and a political solution to the problem of disputed territories.”

Earlier, the kyiv representative told Polish reporters that both delegates were “maintaining their positions”, so it could take several days to reach an agreement. β€œAt that point, we should be close to making a peace deal,” he said.

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On Thursday, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Badrushev warned in a telephone conversation with Jack Sullivan, the US president’s national security adviser, about the escalation of Ukraine’s talks.

The Russian side drew attention to the inability to accept the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities to prolong the consultation process on instructions from abroad.

Badrushev urged Washington to “influence kyiv to make initial progress in resolving the crisis through diplomacy.”

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