June 25, 2024

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Locking up a giant company’s factory – how many people live on the street?

Locking up a giant company’s factory – how many people live on the street?

Developments in the automotive sector led one of the giant German companies in this sector to close a factory on European soil.

Bosch, the largest manufacturer of electronic systems, components and mechanical parts for cars and motorcycles, announced its intention to reduce its activities on French territory.

German group It will begin closing one of its factories in Francein a country where it has been active in the industry as a manufacturer for 125 years.

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Developments witnessed by the automotive industry in recent years have led to a change in the plans of the German group, which wants to reduce its workforce around the world. While the closure of the factory in Marigner, France is something that he will ultimately be unable to avoid.

The news was announced to the plant’s 153 workers on Wednesday, May 15, with Bosch executives Let’s mention the main reasons for the slowdown in electric car sales around the worldat a time when the German giant is investing billions of euros in developing components, systems and chips dedicated to purely electric and connected vehicles.

The Germans were trying to find a solution with the specific plant that has been in operation for more than 70 years and produces hydraulic or electric assisted steering systems. As of 2022, they were investigating selling it to another manufacturer and ultimately found no one to benefit from it.

Bush Germany

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Power steering systems are no longer in demand as they were in years past as the steering wheels in most modern cars are now electrically assisted.

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At the same time, the volume of electrically assisted systems ordered by Margnier cannot compensate for this The lack of demand for hydraulic systems made the plant viable for Bosch.

The plant in Marigner is expected to close at the end of the year, while Bosch operates It announced that it will reduce its workforce in the coming years by 7,000 jobs worldwide, 3,700 of which are in Germany.

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