May 18, 2024

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Longer non-skippable ads are shown on the TV version of YouTube – YouTube

Longer non-skippable ads are shown on the TV version of YouTube – YouTube

YouTube is adding longer, non-skippable ads to its platform for users who use the service on a large screen.

At the YouTube Brandcast event in New York this week, the company made two major announcements ads Which will affect those who watch YouTube videos on smart TVs.

Initially, YouTube will add 30-second non-skippable ads to top-performing video content. The platform categorizes these videos under the YouTube Select category, which is targeted to advertisers.

YouTube told advertisers “70% of ads shown on big screens come through YouTube Select, so we’re making it easy for you to use your existing assets to use on the most popular content on the service at the time.”

This format also fits seamlessly into what viewers can already expect and experience on the big screen. So instead of watching two 15-second ads in a row, they’ll see one 30-second ad that they won’t be able to skip.

Secondly, the platform also brings pause ads to various YouTube apps for smart TVs. These ads will appear when viewers pause a video. The size of the video you are watching will be reduced and an advertisement will appear next to it.

Apparently, the only way to avoid the new types of YouTube ads for smart TVs is to get a YouTube Premium subscription that costs €8.49 per month, and free use for the first 30 days. We remind you that it is possible that YouTube will extend the experiment that it is conducting with a small part of users who, in order to watch any video on its service, will have to disable their ad blockers

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