April 13, 2024

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Love does not count the difference – Toliopoulos from Aris and Hatziparasidou from PAOK live it passionately (photo) | philathlos.gr

Love does not count the difference – Toliopoulos from Aris and Hatziparasidou from PAOK live it passionately (photo) |  philathlos.gr

On the evening of Friday 23 February 2024, the SEF was packed with 12,439 spectators who descended on Valero to support the national basketball team playing the Czech Republic in the 2025 FIBA ​​Euro qualifiers.

Vassilis Toliopoulos was among the 12 players Vassilis Spanoulis lined up on the SEF pitch for his debut for the national team.

Ari's goalkeeper who is having a great year with the Thessaloniki club is constantly gaining new fans but the biggest conquest of his life is the heart of Maria Hatziparasidou.


Captain of the PAOK handball team. He is the great basketball star Aris and she is the captain of PAOK. After the match against the Czech Republic, Maria uploaded photos on Instagram from Vassilis's match, one of them kissing.

“Always proud,” Hatziparasidou wrote about her boyfriend, who she was in a relationship with for two years. They live in the same city but serve two “enemies” of the city.

Of course, in the 2021-22 season, he also wore a PAOK shirt and was under the same roof as the international handball player.


Children live their love passionately and make plans for the future. They lived apart for a few months when he played in France in 2023, but their love only ignited.

Vassilis Toliopoulos, who also wore an Olympiacos jersey in his first steps, may be a keen shooter and on a good day scores three-pointers with… the scoop, but the greatest “three-pointer” of his life was the one he scored and was found not in the wreath but in the heart of Mary.

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For her part, she fills the opponent's net with goals and is the player with the most titles in the PAOK handball division.

He has five championships and six Greek Cups. She has played for PAOK since 2017, while she also played for Panaytolkos and in her hometown of Migas Alexandros Giannitsson. In the past, she was in a relationship with PAOK footballer, Dimitris Konstantinidis.


She is very popular on social media and loves challenges and travel.

Both Basil and Mary celebrate their birthdays in June. She was born in 1995 and he was born in 1996. Both are Geminis.

Source: protothema.gr