October 4, 2023

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Lucescu: “Mite will give us strength in the middle”

Lucescu: “Mite will give us strength in the middle”

At the press conference, Razvan Lucescu commented on Swalyehu Mete’s possession, stating, among other things, that the French midfielder would give strength to PAOK’s midfield.

the PAOK achieved second place in the championship by defeating Kifisia 2-1. by Razvan Lucescu Speaking at the press conference to show the following:

And on whether he was nervous after the 1-1 draw in the 75th minute and after a game that saw many missed chances: “It’s not nice to concede a goal in the 75th minute, especially if you control the pace of the game. I could have been nervous but we showed confidence to win. We had 15-16 minutes in front of us plus injury time and I had to show that no Something was over. We had time, there was pressure but at the same time we had faith in the win. The team reacted well anyway.”

On Baba’s image and whether it is generally contrived for PAOK to have so many strong full-backs: “Every full-back has his own characteristics. We are a team that creates stages from the sidelines. In Scotland we saw that we created from the left again with Rafa. Papa is quicker and more physical, Rafa plays more with his mind and likes to control the tempo, and he will choose the positions in which he advances. It’s up to him.” It’s the same with the players on the right. It’s different with Andre, with Kinziora it’s different, with Lieratzis and Sastre it can be different too. It depends on the player who plays.”

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On Mette, what he expects from the France midfielder and whether he has insight into the player’s condition: “We have to check his level of readiness. He’s not in the squad for Thursday’s game, so we have this week plus the other two in the break to draw our conclusions. He’s a player who will give us a lot of strength in the core, we have to have character, strength and choice. We need that. We are strong in midfield, both in terms of quality and in terms of dynamism. The important element is that we work on improving everyone’s character, because he is a player with personality”.

On Zivkovic’s decision to take the penalty kick: “He was the player listed to take the penalty kick.”

And whether he understood that the development of the rematch with Hearts plays a role in the rest of the transfer: “What I said last time, it’s true. There are a few days and everything is possible. I haven’t spoken since. There are two things I hate. I hate the transfer window, especially in The last few days and interviews right after the matches.

On PAOK’s reaction after the 1-1 draw which, he said, was not what he would have liked: “It’s a natural thing that can happen in back-to-back matches. When you play games where you’re not, it wastes a lot of energy, and we’ve had trips in between that weren’t as easy for us as this one in Scotland. We didn’t get to rest after the game. Against Hearts, the players against Kifisia played with their minds to avoid making mistakes more than they played with determination. The fair result was 2-0. Sometimes when you don’t want to make a mistake, things don’t go well. I think it’s a very big trap for the team, you You play a series of matches, especially when you have a bad opponent, but now every team has its quality and experienced players.”

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About Nari and his possible departure: “Now he’s with the team, I can’t say anything. And here we have to bring a player into this position. In this position we need two players to be precise.”

For Gemma and Kingura: “I’m satisfied because he’s young and he needs to build confidence. He’s improving as a player. He wanted the goal, it happened and the improvement process continues. Kenziora has helped us, he’s a player who doesn’t make mistakes. Sometimes when he plays full back he can’t seem aggressive “Some people expect him to do great things, but he gives us balance in defence. As a goalkeeper, he’s a substitute for Ekong, he can give us clear solutions in development because he’s smart, so he serves us in both positions.”