February 22, 2024

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Maidan bomb blast – Where are the Counter Terrorism Office's investigations going?

Maidan bomb blast – Where are the Counter Terrorism Office's investigations going?

Concerns and fears of a return to terrorism have been expressed by authorities after a bomb exploded outside the Ministry of Labor in Stadium Street last night.

Responsible for that Bomb explosion took “Revolutionary Class Defense”, An unknown person mentioned on the phone said some time ago about the placement of the explosive device because he did not want the victims to be there.

This will be an important aspect of the investigation Declaration of the Organization of “Revolutionary Class Defense”. According to police sources cited by Mega, the institutional center appears to be similar to the attack on Gaudi in late December.

Practice also shows Striking similarities to the December 2016 attack With the same objective in the Ministry of Labour. At that time, the attack was carried out by the People's Militia Group, which ceased its operations in 2018. Officials are clarifying further Revolutionary class defense has nothing to do with revolutionary self-defenseIt carried out grenade attacks on MATs in embassies 8-10 years ago.

Two warning calls before the explosion

Before the explosion 00:48 He called and warned the editors of an unknown journal A bomb was planted. OPEN TV station received a second phone call 01:03 the dawn

The unidentified man delayed 40 minutes until the bomb went off and claimed responsibility for the “revolutionary class self-defense”.

“The attack is very serious and belongs to a serious crime,” a government spokesman said. Pavlos Marinakis, represents the blast. “This is an attack that we have been seeing for years. Of course, we saw a warning message a few weeks ago when an explosive device was placed outside the YAT headquarters,” Nikos Rigas, vice president of the Athens Police Officers Association, told ERT.

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The bomb was placed outside a bank and opposite the Ministry of Labour, at the intersection of Stadiou and Besmasoglou streets. A target for terrorists causing shock wave Damage to the building as much as possible.

Anti-Terrorism Officers are collecting Video materials To gather information about the bombers, their approach route and escape route from Stadium Street and elsewhere.