April 24, 2024

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Major investment in Greece – new 'green' hydrogen production plant goes ahead

Major investment in Greece – new 'green' hydrogen production plant goes ahead

A major project is progressing to create a “green” hydrogen plant in our country, which can play a decisive role in decarbonizing transportation.

Its great work is slowly being implemented Advent techniques For construction “Green” hydrogen production unit. in KozaniWhich will contribute decisively to our country's transition to a more sustainable economic model.

It's about the project “Hippo green”where As we wrote Includes development, design and HT-PEM fuel cell manufacturing And Latest electrolytes To produce “green” electricity and hydrogen respectively.

The “green” hydrogen and fuel cells that will be produced could support, among other things Road transport The future, and serves as an assistant for electric mobility (BEVs).

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Head to the factory

The factory is on track to be implemented after its decision Ministry of National Economy and Finance To continue disbursing the package State aid amounts to 24 million euros From the Greek Just Transition Fund (TTM) to implement the Green HiPo project as the company itself announced.

Project-related costs are eligible for retroactive reimbursement as of June 15, 2022, the date on which the European Union Directorate General for Competition notified Greece's participation in the programme. IPCEI Hy2Tech.

the Coming You will also seek a guarantee Additional financing To increase the total €60 million approved under the IPCEI project budget.

It was coming One of only 8 SMEs to receive validation within Europe Within the framework of the programme “IPCEI Hy2Tech”. It is noteworthy that the direct participants in the project will work closely with more than 300 external partners, such as universities, research organizations and SMEs across Europe.

The “Green HiPo” project will contribute. Economic development in Western Macedonia Which Greecewhile helping Europe achieve its current goal of producing 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen by 2030. Furthermore, it will create 650 direct job opportunities And multiple indirect.

Green hydrogen

Use of “green” hydrogen.

It is noteworthy that green hydrogen, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, can cover about 1/3 of the energy consumption The transport sector in Greece, including shipping.

As for HT-PEM cells (High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane), which will be produced by Advent Technologies, operates in it High temperatures Which reaches 240 degrees Celsius.

They are many promising energy device, With its advantages of high energy efficiency, high tolerance to fuel/air impurities, simple plate design and better heat and water management.

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Advent believes that the new type of HT-PEM fuel cell is Superior choice for electrification of aviation, heavy trucks and ships.

Use of fuel cells hydrogen For production “clean energyWhich is used to drive the electric motor.

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