April 18, 2024

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Make a miracle – Ali Garcia – (t) Zeni

Make a miracle – Ali Garcia – (t) Zeni

Vangelis Arnautoglou writes about the readiness and overall great image provided by AEK and Zini following in Garcia’s footsteps.

No friendly against any team, whether they’re already employed, or looking for a way to incorporate their new acquisitions into their potential in the right way, can be an absolute sample of writing for a coach. Despite this, what AEK, who have worked very hard since last year, showed up in the match against Shakhtar, if nothing else, convinces that for their part they are fully prepared for what will find them in front of them in about a month’s time.

Apart from the close wide score of the Ukrainians and the fact that Al-Ittihad has at least 8-9 more chances for more goals – five of them missed by Zuber -, Matias Almeida’s team did not spot him exactly where he scored. want. He left it last year, but has already begun to develop it.

Tremendous homogeneity, more frequent and higher-quality collaborations, always in perfect accordance with the basic principles of pressure and intensity, remain evident and even more characteristic of the team, while we are still in mid-July and in preparation for the phase that entails very great pressure on footballers.

This is how the correctness of the coach’s desire to get everyone who led him to a double victory to stay in the team is approved in the clearest way. With them, he would try to place the team in the Champions League groups, and from now on he began to believe that he would have a great chance of success, regardless of his opponents.

All this was harmoniously organized by the team that equalized the Ukrainian champions yesterday – with a shortage and changes in its list of players who suffered mentally from the war – and during the absence of Jasinovic, Pineda Mandalos, Araujo, Pizarro and the next goalkeeper who was absent. It is expected to be added to the list soon.

Garcia and his little “clone”.

The consistency is so distinct and the principles so well-established, that those who will come to further enhance in quality and quantity this excellent spherical poem created by Matias Almeida and dressed in yellow and black, will quickly and easily acclimate.

There’s also Levi Garcia, of course, who looks ready to make the big leap. Not yet transferable, but on the European first stage in an AEK jersey and with more goals than last year, in the first “clean” season of his career as a striker. After all, Almeida also expected his second year in office to be better than his first.

As for Zeni… About a quarter of a year ago, he missed one chance after another in AEK B’s training courses and games, showing difficulty scoring due to – mainly – elementary mistakes in execution, such as poor positioning, wrong stance. Body, bad timing in the jump, bad finishes in simple stages.

Don’t worry about Almeida… From the very first training sessions he could tell that his development would be rapid if he was properly directed and commands followed with sincerity, reverence and constant action. Just like Garcia. The first results of changing the Englishman for the better are already visible. The more he scores, the more he earns.

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