June 23, 2024

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Mandatory camera in cars – when will the measure begin to be implemented – Newsbomb – News

Mandatory camera in cars – when will the measure begin to be implemented – Newsbomb – News

Starting in July, many changes will occur in new car models

After several postponements, car manufacturers will now be obliged from July 2024 to offer the Advanced Driver Assistant safety package for their new models.

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, is an innovation that is appearing more and more in a greater number of modern vehicles, through which the car receives information from various cameras and sensors. Scanning the environment in 3D and high definition results in what is known as “Sensor Fusion”. Collisions, accidental departures from the road and all kinds of accidents at the wheel can be avoided thanks to this device mounted on the windshield or bumper.

In 2020, 74% of new vehicles launched in Europe were equipped with advanced driver assistance systems – ADAS. Given the great benefit of ADAS for safe driving, the European Union is expected to implement mandatory installation of ADAS in all new car models by 2022.

What is ADAS?

Using a camera and sensors, ADAS can see what’s happening around the vehicle with just one eye and evaluate this information to act accordingly. The camera above the windshield detects everything from pedestrians and cyclists to traffic lanes and road markings. The sensor has the ability to telescopically detect the distance from vehicles in front of you, while perimeter detectors measure distances from other vehicles.

The main role of ADAS is to assist drivers with active safety. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems -ADAS have the ability to stop a vehicle to avoid contact with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. In addition, they provide important assistance while driving, providing information such as information about a passing vehicle from their “blind spot”, warning of speed limits on the road, keeping the vehicle in the traffic lane, maintaining a constant safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and much more.

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