May 21, 2024

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Maroussi: Perpetrator of 23-year-old's murder still elusive – What police officers assess – Newsbomb – News

Maroussi: Perpetrator of 23-year-old's murder still elusive – What police officers assess – Newsbomb – News

Police investigations are continuing to identify and arrest the accused who murdered the teenager outside a nightclub in Maroosee

The man responsible for the 23-year-old's murder has been identified and identified by authorities.

According to what is known, most of the approximately 10 people involved in the brawl outside the nightclub have criminal pasts related to car thefts.

However, police officials, who estimate that the arrest of the 23-year-old's killer, are still on the lookout for the alleged abductees, apart from the man involved. Share in the fight and be elusive.

History of the murderous attack outside a nightclub in Maroosee

A 23-year-old youth was stabbed in the neck, a 26-year-old infantryman and a 23-year-old youth were injured. The soldier was in the company of the assailant, while the other wounded man belonged to the victim's side.

The reason for the fight was that one of the people involved, who is not yet known, said: “Go ahead, you've got me wrong.” The accused was said to be inside the club and while he was having fun, it appears that he got into a verbal altercation with another person over a trivial reason. The man, after a short time, left and returned to the store with reinforcements with a 23-year-old man, who died from the assailant's knife.

The accused then went outside with his group, where a murderous fight ensued. During the fight, the 23-year-old pulled out a gun from his belt and tried to shoot. However, the weapon reportedly jammed, causing the victim to become the aggressor and stab the 23-year-old in the neck, leaving him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

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Meanwhile, during the incident, a 26-year-old youth was also injured with a wound in the stomach, while another was being treated at the Red Cross Hospital with a minor stab wound on the back.