June 25, 2024

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MasterChef: Deadline

MasterChef: Deadline

There are only a few days left until the announcement of the MasterChef of the Year winner as the cooking reality show begins straight final.

With a new episode full of twists and turns, MasterChef 7 is back on Tuesday night (5/30), via Star Frequency.

Specifically, the Maria Bey And Alexander Antonilakis They gave their best in the latter part of the semi-finals and put up a great “battle” for second place in the lastBeside Nikos Trakas.

In the first stage of the test, the two chefs were asked to prepare two Dishes inspired by them With main ingredients scorpion fish and scallops.

Then Maria Bey and Alexandros Antonilakis moved on to the final audition, which was Release A dish by Chef Pavlos Kiriakis.

MasterChef: Whoever gets the second ticket to the final

the Panos Ionidis, Sotiris Contezas and Leonidas Kotsopoulos announced the results to the players, who during the announcements were hugging each other.

Finally, the Marie Pai earned a place in the Grand Final Next to Nikos Trakas, after collecting 26/30 points, while Alexandros Antonilakis, 25/30.

upon hearing the advertisement, Maria Bey break into tears. I can’t believe I’m here and I made it. I managed to get over myself. I’m happy after three years. I managed something on my own.”she said excitedly for the cameras.

MasterChef: Two Finalists for the Seventh Edition

MasterChef: When will the grand finale air?

The €50,000 prize for this year’s MasterChef finalist will be claimed by a woman and a man. cause of the Maria Bey and the Nico Tracaswho managed to stand out in their culinary skills and thus secured a place in the last to chef.

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After many culinary battles, disappointments, joys, failures and successes, the two players managed to prevail and thus win the gold prize of 50,000 euros and the title of the next Greek or Greek MasterChef.

In the journey that begins, they must have their imagination, creativity, and culinary perception as an ally, but also the strong will to realize their dream, so that they can win.

According to the first information, the finale of the reality cooking show will be shown Wednesday 14 June. It should be noted that for another year, the winner will be announced at live feed.

The grand final process will include many exams for the finalists. Through them, players will collect points, which will be redeemed in the last game. First stop is Crete for the new episode on Monday (05/06).

MasterChef: Trailer on Monday

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