May 25, 2024

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Maybe you don’t know where the famous Nokia ringtone comes from!

Maybe you don’t know where the famous Nokia ringtone comes from!

A recent TikTok video by musician Alexandra Whittingham has gone viral, and has now garnered over 1.4 million views. Thanks to this, countless viewers discovered it Where does the famous Nokia ringtone come from?

Going into detail, the so-called “Nokia ringtone” is a ringtone that has been heard from the pockets and wallets of millions of people since the early days of mobile phone technology. However, what few people know is that it has its roots Classical music in the twentieth century. Specifically, it comes from a piece of music by Spanish guitarist Francisco Tárrega.

Tárrega, known for his contributions to the world of classical guitar, wrote “Gran Vals” in 1902, a piece of music that would inadvertently become one of the most recognizable sounds of the digital age. The excerpt chosen by Nokia is a small part of this larger work and was chosen for its clear and distinct melody, which as it turned out was actually an ideal choice for a ringtone. This sound has become a trademark of the Finnish company since the 1990s, becoming the first internationally recognized ringtone ever on a mobile phone, which is now a cult classic.

Naturally, TikTok’s viral video, apart from the fact that it highlights this unknown – for many – connection proves once again the power of social media in revealing and sharing such interesting facts, as well as the fact that good music It transcends the boundaries of time and era.

You can watch it below!

@alexandrawhittingham I will not rest until this piece gets the appreciation it deserves 💪 #classic music #fyp #Nokia #guitars ♬ original sound – Alexandra

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