April 18, 2024

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Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite snack will make your stomach turn and Houston locals will love it

Megan Thee Stallion's favorite snack will make your stomach turn and Houston locals will love it

Houston native and Grammy Award winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion She told Jimmy Fallon her favorite childhood snack on his nightly show, and it just might make your stomach turn. Locally loved mix Spicy Cheetos and Pickles.

Appeared as a guest in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon On August 11 to discuss her new album Traomazinebut the host quickly got hold of the food, which she admitted she couldn’t get enough of during the interview.

“We eat Cheetos hot, but with pickles inside,” she explained and offered Fallon a sample he had already enjoyed.

The seemingly random combination is very popular in Bayou City. The recording artist even mentioned that the snack was something she only saw there.

In fact, small business owners in Texas have taken the iconic culinary duo to a whole new level and transformed them into the whimsical creations that Houstonians crave for.

They use ingredients like chamois, which is a sour condiment, or different types of candy to enhance the flavour.

It’s celebrated in the region, it’s even popular this year Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Competition A basket of sliced ​​pickle chips was covered with nacho cheese and sprinkled with hot Cheetos as a meal diners could order.

Something you can also find around the city are some unique desserts that include salty vegetables and crunchy corn puffs.

There are deserts filled with chito Like fruit mixes and picklesor a Hot cheese topped pickles with peach dessert rings dipped in chamois.

Some places go so far as to create exotic creations like pickle-flavored sno cones along with hot Cheetos packed inside.

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You can find these creations just about anywhere in the South Texas city, and even beyond, from Latinx-owned home cooks, or at places like sno cone kiosks and antojito spots.



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