June 13, 2024

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Megaton bomb: UAE joins South Korea’s KF-21 stealth fighter program

Megaton bomb: UAE joins South Korea’s KF-21 stealth fighter program

There has been a major (and not entirely surprising) development in South Korea’s KF-21 (formerly known as KF-X) stealth fighter program with the announcement of the UAE’s participation as part of a $30 billion investment. The “package” which also includes other defense programs such as nuclear power, use of hydrogen, etc.

Initial reports indicate that the United Arab Emirates will take over The first instar Indonesia, which initially joined KF-X, had a 20% share of the programme, but later found financing difficult.

But Jakarta is not leaving, and it seems that there will be modifications in the second phase, which also applies to the UAE, which will concern the KF-21 Block II aircraft, a version with increased stealth characteristics. Let us remember that Poland also showed interest in participating in the KF-21.

Evolution does The current issue of “Flight” (September 2023) is more important than ever. in which they are located Two prophetic articles With wide-ranging and highly relevant analyses: one about Turkey penetrating the Middle East in search of partners for its stealth fight, in which the UAE was one of the candidates, against South Korea; The second is for the future of the Sukhoi Su-75 “Checkmate” aircraft, which began its journey as a candidate for financing from the Emirates!