May 21, 2024

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Menidi: “We didn’t delay” – medical examiner on body of 40-year-old woman left on street for hours

Menidi: “We didn’t delay” – medical examiner on body of 40-year-old woman left on street for hours

The head of the Athens Forensic Service, Mr. Nikos Karakokis takes a stand on the authorities’ late response to disposing of the body of a 40-year-old woman after a gruesome murder in Menidi. Thursday (16/05).

More specifically, speaking on Live News, Mr. Karakokis clarifies that the medical examiner arrived at the scene of the crime in time, after being notified of the body of the unfortunate woman lying on the street since 5:30 am. It was finally removed after 6 hours, at 11 am.

“Coroner not responsible”

“It is wrong that the medical examiner went after 6 hours. I recorded everything on my cell phone. 8 and 15 a police officer contacted me and I immediately arranged for a medical examiner who lives near the scene to go. Mr. Mandakas drove to the scene in his own car, and by 9 o’clock he had already recorded everything. He himself went to the mortuary and conducted the post-mortem. The Coroner is not responsible. The body was removed at 11 am.

Last complaint

Despite filing domestic violence complaints against her ex-husband, the unfortunate 40-year-old woman was still free until he stabbed her in the stomach and took her life.

On May 7, a wanted woman killer was arrested in Menidi after the victim complained of domestic violence.

The arrested person was then taken to the public prosecutor, who, with these charges, was recommended to stand before the Autonomous Single-Member Criminal Court of Athens the next day, 8/5.

However, neither the 40-year-old woman nor her daughter appeared in court and there was no forensic evidence. Hence, the hearing was adjourned to May 17.

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Adjournment of hearing

After this development, the court could not legally maintain the custody of the accused and hence released him.

Judicial circles managed to keep him on his own, but after the trial was adjourned and Section 424 of the Criminal Procedure Code indicated that the court had no choice but to release him compulsorily.

It is not known why the mother and daughter did not appear in court – “He refused to be transferred to a structure and refused to put on the panic button,” the press representative of EL.AS says about the case.

EL.AS Press Representative Ms. Constantia Dimoglido spoke to MEGA’s Live News about the case.

“I don’t know why the two women, mother and daughter, did not come. I don’t know if they were summoned to court. The 40-year-old may have been in hospital, though he did not produce any documents. No charges are pending against the accused. Even after the complaint, the police advised the victim to take her children to a structure and set off the panic button, but she refused.