March 4, 2024

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: I’m Not Lost Because I Don’t Hang Out!

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: I’m Not Lost Because I Don’t Hang Out!

I run and follow my dad, flanking him back and forth because I’m also hyperactive and can’t sit still. I’ll be glad I got through it. finally! Alone in the rear, without weapons. freedom! independence! FIFA La Liberta!

“But you are a Taurus, what do you want?” , I thought, “You don’t like vegetarians.” the father sun, there he is too, fuck him in the deep. Another is pain…

Where I saw him in front of me sky And ideas of … independent anarchism came to me and I was now saying wherever I could reach him, I could hear my father calling me: Come on Armaco and eat the sandwich. good! The revolution can wait. Don’t let sauditch cool down…back.

After all, it’s the fifteen minutes of publicity I’m entitled to! Twenty-five days, to be exact. From April 22nd to May 15th I will move on Retroactively. Gospel of joy! Everyone will deal with me. Radio, girlfriends, TV. All astrologers and not only they will talk about me. Breakfast joy!

Of course they will throw everything at me: the cell phone that doesn’t work, the files that got lost from the laptop, the car that suddenly broke down and the delays and delays and misunderstandings! Mercy! It’s all my fault. But this is the price of glory!

  • However, I am fine on my dates. On April 24th I have to meet Arolis. We’ll make a gun together. Don’t let your mind go sly… In general, I’m conservative, but I’ll say one more thing. I’ll take a vacation until it’s full. I also have arguments. I will call them axes, but I will butcher them with cotton wool and I will also remember all that I have collected for a long time now and keep in a sack.
  • in May 2 I will meet my father helium. Well, I never stray from it. Deep down I am a baby food fanatic! I always feel safe in my father’s presence and get vital strength and energy. And that sandwich…
  • from 12 But next month I have more interesting prospects. First with Saturn. He speaks my language! We’ll meet a hexagonal look will practically last for a long time because I’ll brake somewhere to turn in a straight line so I’ll always make it close and our conversation will practically not end before May 20th.
  • Same interval, to be exact On the thirteenth of the monthand I’ll also have some give and take with it Venus in Cancer, again in hexagonal form. This is mine.

Overall a very good time. Cut and sew to my measurements!

An opportunity to make an assessment. Who owes me and to whom I owe. Pericidia, Fez or even a Sombrero! Are my abilities, especially financial ones, enough, or do I remember the good old days when Cohiba lights were taller than Pinocchio’s nose? Where do I spend myself and why? Am I expensive on bran and cheap on flour? Do I know my true limits and how will I overcome them?

I don’t think, but if you push me, I can come out and do my swing, especially if it’s in my favour. So let’s review my real interests, based on my real needs. Let’s see who is useful as well as cute. And for those who come back into my life, pretending to be an “uncle from America,” before I give them “pass to stay,” let me make sure I don’t pay for the aforementioned lobster pasta.

So yeah! Even in hindsight, I can be realistic. I don’t get lost because I don’t mess around! Don’t let anything come to me retroactively!

Then you’re done. I’m starting to move forward again and whoever catches me! On the 16th of May in a car, Ermina ironically passed in front of me, the deserted Kronos would sing like another stamatis cucutas. Of course, I would need a few days to get it off my feet, get back on my feet and feel safe. After all, I’m in Taurus, let’s not forget…

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