February 22, 2024

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Messolonghi: How Bobby's body was found – a specially trained cadaver detection dog

Messolonghi: How Bobby's body was found – a specially trained cadaver detection dog

A dog specially trained to detect corpses and detect human remains found the body of 31-year-old Babis in a swamp in Campos Evinokorio, Mesolonghi.

The Special Committee was appointed following the order of an Advocate General, who was appointed a Special Instructor-Investigator to participate in the investigation.

Special Committee

It is a specialized team of private investigators with specially trained dogs to detect human remains even in the most difficult conditions and advanced decomposition.

The team's investigations began on Saturday in a specific area demarcated by the police, incorporating information about the whereabouts of the arrested 50-year-old butcher.

He had seen it since yesterday

According to reports, the dog has detected evidence of the body in the area since yesterday Sunday, however, due to strong winds that blew the stench for a long distance, it could not find the spot.

Today when weather conditions improved the dog found the spot in a swampy canal.

The dog fell into a deep ditch full of water and reeds and managed to find the body under a heavy object which the culprit had probably kept to cover his tracks.

“The child was covered with a heavy object.”

One of those who helped with the investigations spoke to Live News.

We have been searching for the baby for 11 days. We had searched there before. It's a bit of a deep ditch. Someone may have dropped him there. It was found in water. The dog smelled bad since yesterday but lost contact with the air and found it today. The child was covered with a heavy object.”

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“They are the only team in Europe to have these dogs.”

The body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, was found by the head of the Anubis Cold Case K9 team along with a specially trained dog.

Angeliki Diakomanoli in the press office of the Anubis Cold Case K9 team spoke with Live News.

“We will not let it go, we had excellent cooperation with the authorities. This is the only unit in Europe that has these dogs. There are similar dogs in the United States.”